E-Ocean DA (Wednesday/Thursday, 9-10 October 2013)

P# Author Title (Link to presentation if available)
E-p01 Dider Auroux Data Assimilation Experiments using the Back and Forth Nudging and NEMO OGCM abstract
E-p02 Pierre Antoine Bouttier Impact of non-linearities on an incremental 4D-VAR data assimilation method in a high resolution numerical ocean model abstract
E-p04 Pablo Echevarria 4D-LETKF Data Assimilation in a WAVEWATCH IIIĀ® Wave Model Ensemblee abstract
E-p06 Benjamin Giese An Ensemble of Ocean Reanalyses for Climate Studies abstract
E-p07 David Halpern Impact of Data Assimilation on ECCO2 Equatorial Currents abstract
E-p08 Robin Kovach Using Ocean Data Assimilation for Observing System Studies with a Focus on the Tropical Pacific abstract
E-p09 Zhijin Li Coastal Ocean Data Assimilation and Forecasting Using a Multi-Scale Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation Scheme abstract
E-p10 Svetlana Losa Assimilating NOAA.s SST data and in situ T, S profiles into BSH operational circulation model for the North and Baltic Seas abstract
E-p12 Sudhir Nadiga Experiments with Satellite Ocean Color Fields in an NCEP Operational Ocean Forecast System abstract
E-p13 Hans Ngodock The Representer Method: Theory and Applications to Ocean Data Assimilation abstract
E-p14 Hans Ngodock Estimating Atmospheric Forcing Errors in Ocean Data Assimilation using the Representer Method of 4DVAR abstract
E-p15 Srreenivas Pentakota Role of Ocean Data Assimilation in improving NCEP-CFS based monsoon forecast abstract
E-p16 Sophie Ricci A Variational Data Assimilation Algorithm to Estimate Salinity in the Berre Lagoon with Telemac3D abstract
E-p19 Chaojiao Sun A Hybrid Ensemble-Variational Approach for Coastal Ocean Application abstract
E-p20 George Triantafyllou A Robust Ensemble-Based Kalman Filter for Data Assimilation into a 3D Ecosystem Model of the Cretan Sea (Eastern Mediterranean) abstract
E-p21 Norihisa Usui Development of a high-resolution coastal forecasting system with a 4DVAR assimilation scheme abstract
E-p22 Guillaume Vernieres Impact of the Assimilation of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity Data in the GEOS System abstract
E-p23 Anthony Weaver Evaluation of the ECMWF Ensemble of Ocean Reanalyses using Assimilation Diagnostics abstract
E-p24 James While An analysis system for diurnal Sea Surface Temperature abstract
E-p25 James While SST data assimilation in the UK Met Office.s shelf sea models. abstract
E-p26 Chunxue Yang Pacific Sub-tropical Cells Variability in CMCC Ocean reanalysis and SODA 2.2.6 from 1979 to 2009 abstract