G-Satellite, In Situ, and Radar DA (Wednesday/Thursday, 9-10 October 2013)

P# Author Title (link to presentation if available)
G-p01 Karina Apodaca Assessing the impact of lightning observations in a hybrid data assimilation system abstract
G-p02 Nancy Baker An Assessment of the Impact of the Assimilation of NASA TERRA MISR Atmospheric Motion Vectors on the NRL Global Environmental Model abstract
G-p03 Joel Bedard Towards the Assimilation of Near-Surface Winds from Tall Anemometric Wind Farm Towers abstract
G-p04 Lee Carlaw Impact of Observations on High-Resolution Analyses and Forecasts over the Dallas-Fort Worth Testbed abstract
G-p05 Jacob Carley Data-Denial Experiments for the Improvement of Wind Energy Forecasts with the NCEP North American Mesoscale Modeling and Assimilation System: The WFIP and POWER Projects abstract
G-p06 Philippe Chambon Investigating the Impact of pre-GPM Microwave Precipitation Observations in the Goddard WRF Ensemble Data Assimilation System abstract
G-p08 Hyoung-Wook Chun Development of IASI Preprocessing at KIAPS and Preliminary Results abstract
G-p10 Jili Dong The impact of assimilating satellite-derived winds, airborne Doppler radial velocity and dropsonde data on the analysis and prediction of Hurricane Earl (2010) using an ensemble Kalman filter abstract
G-p11 Jiarui Dong Quantify the MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Retrieval Errors over CONUS and Assimilation Experiments abstract
G-p12 Ibrahim Hoteit Statistical Model for the Forecasting of Spatial Chlorophyll Concentration in the Red Sea abstract
G-p13 Leila Farhadi Assimilation of Freeze-Thaw Observations into the NASA Catchment Land Surface Model abstract
G-p14 Kevin Garrett A Generalized Approach to Microwave Satellite Data Assimilation Quality Control and Preprocessing abstract
G-p16 Mauricio Granzotto Mello Assessing the Contribution of Surface Land Observations in CPTEC/INPE G3DVAR abstract
G-p17 Steven Greybush An Enhanced Methodology for Satellite Data Assimilation in a Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis abstract
G-p18 Wei Gu Impacts of Inter-Channel Interference on the use of AIRS in Data Assimilation abstract
G-p19 Thomas Jones Sensitivity of Assimilating GOES Cloud Water Path Retrievals to Model Cloud Microphysics abstract
G-p20 Youngsun Jung Assimilation of Simulated High-Resolution All-Sky Radiance and Radar Data for Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecasts abstract
G-p21 JeonHo Kang The KIAPS Observation Processing System Development for the Satellite Data Assimilation abstract
G-p22 Sihye Lee Development of KIAPS Observation Processing System: AMSU-A Bias Correction Modules abstract
G-p23 Xuanli Li Assimilation of Dual-Polarimetric Radar Observations with WRF 3DVAR and its Impact abstract
G-p24 Guo-Yuan Lien Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Assimilation of Precipitation with the NCEP Global Forecasting System abstract
G-p25 Shun Liu The use of Doppler radar data at NCEP abstract
G-p28 Isaac Moradi Evaluating space-based and in-situ observations of tropospheric humidity abstract
G-p29 Philip Muscarella An Examination of a Multi-Scale Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation Scheme (MS-3DVAR) in the Kuroshio Extension with Simulated and Real Observations abstract
G-p30 Jason Otkin Using Regional-scale OSSEs to Explore the Impact of Water Vapor Sensitive Infrared Brightness Temperatures on Analysis and Forecast Accuracy abstract
G-p31 Joanna Pelc Application of Model Reduced 4D-Var to a 2D North Sea Ecosystem Model abstract
G-p32 Vijapurapu Prasad Assimilation of MeghaTropique Saphir Radiance data at NCMRWF abstract
G-p33 Zhaoxia Pu Ensemble Kalman filter assimilation of near-surface observations over complex terrain: comparison with 3DVAR for short-range forecasts abstract
G-p34 Jason Sippel Ensemble Kalman Assimilation of Global-Hawk-based Data from Tropical Cyclones abstract
G-p35 Yi Song A BUFR and GRIB Tailoring System for NPP/JPSS and GCOM Products abstract
G-p36 Yudong Tian Uncertainty Quantification in Satellite-based Precipitation Measurements abstract
G-p37 Matthew Wakeling A Simple Model to Simulate the Assimilation of Vertical Motion from Cloudy Satellite Imagery abstract
G-p38 Joanne Waller Incorporating Correlated Observation Errors in Ensemble Data Assimilation abstract
G-p39 Xu Lu Assimilation of Airborne Doppler Radar observations using the GSI- based hybrid ensemble-variational data assimilation system to improve high resolution hurricane forecast by HWRF abstract
G-p41 Martin Weissmann Assimilation of Visible and Near-Infrared Observations in KENDA-COSMO abstract
G-p42 Martin Weissmann Height correction AMVs with airborne lidar observations abstract
G-p43 Peter Weston The Impact of the Temporal Spacing of Observations on Analysis Errors abstract
G-p44 Dustan Wheatley An Evaluation of the NSSL Mesoscale Ensemble abstract
G-p45 Ting-Chi Wu Towards Understanding the Contributions of Satellite-Derived Atmospheric Motion Vectors to the Mesoscale Tropical Cyclone Analyses and Forecasts abstract
G-p46 Hua Zhang An Application Study on Near Surface Channels of Hyper-spectral Infrared Sounder abstract
G-p47 Man Zhang Direct assimilation of all-sky SEVIRI IR10.8 radiances in TC core area using an ensemble-based data assimilation method abstract
G-p49 Weizhong Zheng Assimilation of Satellite Soil Moisture Data Products from SMOPS in NCEP Global Forecast System abstract
G-p50 Yanqiu Zhu Enhanced Radiance Bias Correction in the NCEP's Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation Data Assimilation System abstract
G-p51 Xiaolei Zou Impact of ATMS Radiance Data Assimilation on Hurricane Track and Intensity Forecasts Using HWRF abstract