H-Methodology (Monday/Tuesday, 7-8 October 2013)

P# Author Title (link to presentation if available)
H-p01 Javier Amezcua Ensemble of 4DVars and their use within a particle filter context abstract
H-p02 Jonathan Beezley Wavelet Covariance Approximations for Wildfire Data Assimilation using SFIRE abstract
H-p03 Marc Bocquet Ensemble Kalman Filtering Without the Intrinsic Need for Inflation abstract
H-p04 Felix Carrasco A Smooth Ensemble Kalman Filter for Parameter estimation abstract
H-p05 Alberto Carrassi Accounting for Model Error in Data Assimilation abstract
H-p06 Amal El Akkraoui Inter-comparison of static and flow-dependent estimates of background error covariances abstract
H-p07 Denis Dreano An Iterative Greedy Algorithm for Observation Network Design with an Ensemble Kalman Filter abstract
H-p08 Anton Kliewer Observational Quantification of Non-Gaussian Errors Within a Humidity-Temperature 1DVAR Retrieval System over Japan. abstract
H-p09 Xiang-Yu Huang Assimilation of wind speed and direction observations: a new formulation and results from idealized experiments abstract
H-p11 Tijana Janjic Mass Conservation and Positivity Preservation with Ensemble-type Kalman Filter Algorithms abstract
H-p12 Mohamed Jardak The Ensemble Variational Assimilation and Bayesian Estimation abstract
H-p13 Alicia Karspeck A practical ensemble technique for the estimation of spatially inhomogeneous, model-dependent observational errors abstract
H-p14 Paul Kirchgessner Adaptive Localization in Ensemble Kalman Filter Methods by Controlling the Observation Space abstract
H-p15 Jihye Kwun Correlations of Control Variables for Representing Forecast Errors on Cubed-Sphere Grids abstract
H-p16 S. Lakshmivarahan Stochastic Galerkin method for dynamic data assimilation using Wiener's polynomial chaos abstract
H-p17 S. Lakshmivarahan Pontryagin's Minimum Principle Applied to Meteorological Data Assimilation abstract
H-p18 Amos Lawless Error Dynamics and Instability in Data Assimilation abstract
H-p20 Xudong Liang Application of Physical Filter Initialization Scheme on WRFVAR abstract
H-p21 Xiaodong Luo Ensemble Bayesian filtering with Residual Nudging abstract
H-p22 Thomas Nehrkorn Correcting for Position Errors in Variational Data Assimilation abstract
H-p23 Lars Nerger Scalable Sequential Data Assimilation with the Parallel Data Assimilation Framework PDAF abstract
H-p24 Lars Nerger The Error-Subspace Transform Kalman Filter abstract
H-p25 Stephen Penny The Hybrid Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter abstract
H-p26 Africa Perianez Error Analysis and Adaptive Localization for Ensemble Methods in Data Assimilation abstract
H-p27 Chiara Piccolo Evaluation of Model Errors using Data Assimilation abstract
H-p28 Jonathan Poterjoy Inter-comparison and Coupling of Ensemble and Variational Data Assimilation Approaches for Regional-Scale Modeling abstract
H-p29 Miodrag Rancic Application of Normal Mode Strong Constraint for Initialization of WAM abstract
H-p30 Adrian Sandu Aposteriori Error Estimates in Variational Data Assimilation abstract
H-p31 Prashant Sardeshmukh Improving Reanalyses using Physically Based Stochastic Parameterizations abstract
H-p32 Tyrus Berry Adaptive ensemble Kalman filtering of nonlinear systems abstract
H-p33 Laura Slivinski Lagrangian Data Assimilation: A Hybrid Particle-Ensemble Kalman Filter and Applications to Geophysical Fluid Flows abstract
H-p34 Chris Snyder Performance Bounds for Particle Filters Using the Optimal Proposal abstract
H-p35 Hyo Jong Song Application of a Spectral Transform on Cubed-Sphere Grids to Representation of Forecast Errors for Variational Data Assimilation abstract
H-p36 Hajoon Song An Adjoint-Based Adaptive Ensemble Kalman Filter abstract
H-p37 Xudong Sun Use of Green.s function in spatial covariance analysis abstract
H-p39 Lucio Torrisi Use of Radiances in the CNMCA (Italian National Meteorological Center) Operational Ensemble Data Assimilation System abstract
H-p40 Yannick Tremolet The Object-Oriented Prediction System - a Flexible Framework for Data Assimilation abstract
H-p41 Mikhail Tsyrulnikov On Observability of Atmospheric Model Tendency Errors abstract
H-p42 Genta Ueno Ensemble Kalman filtering with regularization through a graphical model abstract
H-p43 Martin Verlaan OpenDA Data Assimilation Toolbox abstract
H-p44 Arthur Vidard Multi Resolution Variational Data Assimilation Schemes With Application to a Realistic Ocean Model abstract
H-p45 Anthony Weaver B-Preconditioned Minimization Algorithms for Variational Data Assimilation with the Primal and Dual Formulations abstract
H-p46 Shu-Chih Yang Application of Ensemble Sensitivity to Data Assimilation abstract
H-p47 Yongjing Zhao Effects of Assimilation Window Length on Diurnal Features in a Mars Atmosphere Reanalysis abstract