I-Diagnostics (Wednesday/Thursday, 9-10 October 2013)

P# Author Title (link to presentation if available)
I-p01 Michael Bosilovich Evaluation of the Relative Contribution of Observing Systems in Reanalyses: Aircraft Temperature Bias and Analysis Innovations abstract
I-p02 Michael Bosilovich Evaluation of Observing Systems variations on Central US Water Cycle abstract
I-p03 Pierre Brousseau A Posteriori Diagnostics of the Impact of Observations on the AROME-France Convective-Scale Data-Assimilation System abstract
I-p04 Steven Fletcher A Quality Control Study of NOAA MIRS Cloudy Retrievals during Hurricane Sandy abstract
I-p05 Alison Fowler A Non-linear Method for IASI Channel Selection abstract
I-p06 Nicholas Gasperoni Improving Ensemble-based Observation Impact Estimate using a Group Filter Technique abstract
I-p07 Sean Healy Scaling of GNSS Radio Occultation Impact with Observation Number Using an Ensemble of Data Assimilations abstract
I-p08 Daniel Holdaway Inclusion of linearized moist physics in NASA's Goddard Earth Observing System Data Assimilation Tools abstract
I-p09 Brett Hoover Observation impact on tropical cyclone forecasts: An adjoint approach abstract
I-p10 Bruce Ingleby Comparison of Met Office and ECMWF Background Fields with Conventional Observations abstract
I-p11 John Lewis Investigation of Model Covariance with Low-Order Dynamics abstract
I-p12 Cristina Lupu A Critical Comparison of Methods to Assess Observation Impact in NWP abstract
I-p13 Michiko Masutani Joint OSSE and OSSE at JCSDA abstract
I-p14 Nikki Prive Investigating Sources of Error in Numerical Weather Forecasting with an Observing System Simulation Experiment abstract
I-p15 Marcos Adolfo Saucedo Sensitivity Experiments with a LETKF Data Assimilation Scheme Employing the WRF Model abstract
I-p16 Innocent Souopgui Second and Third order Adjoint Methods for Sensitivity Analysis in Pollution Models abstract
I-p17 Aneesh Subramanian Quantifying uncertainty in transient climate sensitivity subject to uncertainty in forcing and natural variability using a non-Gaussian filter abstract
I-p18 Govindan Kutty A Comparison of Impacts of Radiosonde and AMSU Radiance Observations In GSI-based Hybrid and 3DVar Data Assimilation Systems for NCEP GFS abstract
I-p19 Yu Zhang Ensemble Transform Adjoint Method for Adaptive Observation abstract
I-p20 Yann Michel Applying tests of univariate Gaussianity on short range forecasts from an ensemble of variational assimilations abstract