B-Convective Scale DA (Monday/Tuesday, 7-8 October 2013)

P# Author Title (Link to presentation if available)
B-p02 Ludovic Auger AROME-NWC : an adaptation of the meso-scale NWP model AROME to nowcasting abstract
B-p03 Jacob Carley Development of an HourlyUpdated NAM Forecast System and Application to the Damaging Summer 2012 Derecho Event abstract
B-p04 Sha Feng Improved Hydrometeor Simulations Using Cloud Resolving WRF and Multi-Scale Data Assimilation and Augmented Forcing for Single Column Models abstract
B-p06 Stephanie Guedj Toward the assimilation of the future MTG-IRS data in a fine-scale weather forecast model : Potential benefits abstract
B-p07 Susanna Hagelin AROME Airport: Nowcasting with a High-Resolution Configuration of the Operational French Meso-Scale AROME Model abstract
B-p08 Mylene Haslehner Testing particle filters on convective scale dynamics abstract
B-p09 Youngsun Jung Multi-Scale Ensemble Kalman Filter Data Assimilation and Forecasts of the 10 May 2010 Tornado Outbreak in the Central US Domain abstract
B-p11 Takuya Kawabata Development of a New Storm-Scale 4D-Var Assimilation System abstract
B-p12 Jan Keller Self-Breeding: A new Approach to the Estimation of Uncertainty Structures in Meso-Scale NWP models abstract
B-p13 Benjamin Menetrier Spatial Filtering of Small Ensemble-Based Estimations of Background Error Parameters at Convective Scale abstract
B-p15 Pauline Martinet Use of Microphysical Variables for the Assimilation of IASI Cloudy Radiances in Convective Scale Models abstract
B-p17 Anthony Reinhart Impact and Verification of Microphysical Parameterizations on Supercell Thunderstorm Cold Pools using WRF/DART EnKF Data Assimilation Experiments abstract
B-p19 Annika Schomburg Assimilation of Cloud Information at the Convective Scale with the Ensemble Kalman Filter abstract
B-p20 Matthias Sommer Observation Impact in a Convective-Scale Localized Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter abstract
B-p21 Juanzhen Sun Comparison of Two Pairs of Momentum Control Variables in WRFDA for Convective-scale Data Assimilation abstract
B-p22 Therese Thompson Multi-Scale Data Assimilation of the June 13, 2010 VORTEX2 Tornadic Supercell abstract
B-p23 Michael Wuersch A Simple Dynamical Model of Cumulus Convection for Data Assimilation Research abstract
B-p24 Yuanfu Xie The Variational Version of the Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS): Hot-start Data Assimilation of Convective Events abstract
B-p25 Nusrat Yussouf Multiscale Ensemble Data Assimilation and Forecasts of a Tornadic Supercell Storm abstract
B-p26 Hailing Zhang Impact of Surface Observations on the Predictability of Landfalls of Hurricane Katrina (2005) with Ensemble-based Data Assimilation abstract