C-Constituent DA (Monday/Tuesday, 7-8 October 2013)

P# Author Title (Link to presentation if available)
C-p01 Marc Bocquet Accounting for Representativeness Errors in the Inversion of Atmospheric Constituent Emissions: Application to the Retrieval of Regional Carbon Monoxide Fluxes abstract
C-p02 Virginie Buchard Marchant Ensemble-based Assimilation of Aerosol Observations in GEOS-5 abstract
C-p03 Tianfeng Chai Sensitivity Study on Generating Atmospheric Chemistry Reanalysis Field for the Contiguous Unites States Using Community Multi-scale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modeling System abstract
C-p04 Zhijin Li Variational Data Assimilation for Multiple Aerosol Species with WRF/Chem abstract
C-p05 Zhiquan Liu Variational and Ensemble Aerosol Data Assimilation for Regional Air-Quality Forecasts Using WRF/Chem: an Overview abstract
C-p06 Sarah Lu Global Aerosol Forecasting and Assimilation System at NCEP: Overview and Status abstract
C-p07 Thomas Milewski Potential for Ensemble Assimilation of Stratospheric Ozone abstract
C-p09 Andrew Tangborn Assimilation of CO2 from ACOS GOSAT and AIRS into the GEOS5 constituent assimilation system abstract
C-p10 Krysztof Wargan Upper-Tropospheric and Lower-Stratospheric Ozone from Assimilation of EOS-Aura Data into GEOS-5 abstract