Wednesday, 09 October 2013

Session 9 Chair: Anthony Weaver Combined: Global/Regional Oceanic & Coupled DA (Link to webinar recording)
9:00 AM Ganesh Gopalakrishnan 9.1 - Comparison of 4DVAR and EnKF state estimates and forecasts in the Gulf of Mexico abstract
9:15 AM Changxiang Yan 9.2 - Ocean Data Assimilation in the Indian and Pacific Oceans abstract
9:30 AM Laurent Parent 9.3 - Globa Eddy-permitting ocean reanalysis and simulations of the period 1992 to present abstract
9:45 AM Dick Dee 9.4 - Invited Talk: Coupled DA
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Poster Session (D,E,F,G,I)
Session 10 Chair: Anthony Weaver Coupled DA (Link to webinar recording)
11:30 AM Eric de Boisseson 10.1 - CERA:The ECMWF Coupled Data Assimilation System abstract
11:45 AM Isabelle Mirouze 10.2 - The Met Office Weakly-Coupled Atmosphere/Land/Ocean/Sea-Ice Data Assimilation System abstract
12:00 PM Hajoon Song 10.3 - Coupled 4D-variational physical and biological data assimilation in the California Current System abstract
12:15 PM Abhishek Chaterjee 10.4 - Evaluating the Fidelity of a Community Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Data Assimilation System abstract
12:30 PM Lunch Break
Session 11 Chair: Saroja Polavarapu Combined: Coupled & Land Surface DA (Link to webinar recording)
1:30 PM Nabumasa Komori 11.1 - Development of an Ensemble-based Data Assimilation System with a Coupled Atmosphere.Ocean GCM abstract
1:45 PM Patricia de Rosnay 11.3 - Invited Talk: Land Surface Data Assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction abstract
2:15 PM Bernard Bilodeau 11.4 - Towards the Operational Implementation of the Canadian Land Data Assimilation System abstract
2:30 PM Afternoon Break & Poster Session (D,E,F,G,I)
Session 12 Chair: Patricia de Rosnay and Clara Draper Land Surface DA (Link to webinar recording)
4:15 PM Sujay Kumar 12.1 - Assimilation of remotely sensed hydrological datasets in the North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) abstract
4:30 PM Luigi Renzullo 12.2 - Satellite Soil Moisture Data Assimilation into the Australian Water Resources Assessment modeling system abstract
4:45 PM Clara Draper 12.3 - Assimilation of Geostationary Satellite Land Surface Skin Temperature Observations into the GEOS-5 Global Atmospheric Modeling and Assimilation System abstract
5:00 PM Martin Vejmelka 12.4 - Data Assimilation for Fuel Moisture in WRF-SFIRE: Method and Implementation abstract
5:15 PM End
5:45 PM Conference Dinner at University of Maryland