Tuesday, 08 October 2013

Session 5 Chair: Dale Barker Global/Regional Atmospheric DA (Link to webinar recording)
9:00 AM Takemasa Miyoshi 5.1 - Invited Talk: Exploring Multi-scale and Model-error Treatments in Ensemble Data Assimilation abstract
9:30 AM Lars Isaksen 5.2 - The ECMWF Hybrid 4D-Var and Ensemble of Data Assimilations abstract
9:45 AM Mark Buehner 5.3 - Four-Dimensional Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation for Global Deterministic Weather Prediction abstract
10:00 AM Ting Lei 5.4 - GSI-based four-dimensional ensemble-variational (4DEnsVar) data assimilation for NCEP global forecast system: single resolutino experiments with real data abstract
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Poster Session (A,B,C,H)
Session 6 Chair: Dale Barker Global/Regional Atmospheric DA (Link to webinar recording)
11:30 AM Yannick Tremolet 6.1 - Towards a Longer Assimilation Window in the IFS 4D-Var abstract
11:45 AM Gil Compo 6.2 - Developing the 20th Century Reanalysis version 3 (1850-2013) abstract
12:00 PM Paul Poli 6.3 - Specification of Background Errors in the ECMWF 20th Century Reanalysis Using Surface-Only Observations (ERA-20C) abstract
12:15 PM Shinya Kobayashi 6.4 - Japanese 55-year Reanalysis (JRA-55): status and plans abstract
12:30 PM Lunch Break
Session 7 Chair: Tijana Janic Pfander Combined: Global/Regional Atmospheric & Convective Scale DA (Link to webinar recording)
1:30 PM Tom Auligne 7.1 - Improved Initialization and Prediction of Clouds in Numerical Weather Prediction abstract
1:45 PM Dale Barker 7.2 - Invited Talk: Convective Scale DA abstract
2:15 PM Ming Xue 7.3 - A Regional GSI-Based Coupled EnKF-3DEnVAR Hybrid Data Assimilation System for the Operational Rapid Refresh Forecasting System abstract
2:30 PM Kazumasa Aonashi 7.4 - Dual Scale Neighboring Ensemble Approach for the Cloud-Resolving Model Ensemble Variational Assimilation abstract
2:45 PM Afternoon Break & Poster Session (A,B,C,H)
Session 8 Chair: Tijana Janic Pfander Convective Scale DA (Link to webinar recording)
4:00 PM Heiner Lange 8.1 - On the Benefits of a High-Resolution Analysis for Convective Data Assimilation of Radar Observations using a Local Ensemble Kalman Filter abstract
4:15 PM Chris Snyder 8.2 - Data Assimilation for Flows which Possess Many Scales of Motion abstract
4:30 PM Thibaut Montmerle 8.3 - Invited Talk: Forecast errors at convective scale abstract
5:00 PM Derek Posselt 8.4 - On the Use of Data Assimilation Methodologies for Examining Cloud System - Environment Interactions abstract
5:15 PM Nancy Nichols 8.5 - Correlated Observation Errors in High Resolution Data Assimilation abstract
5:30 PM End