Thursday, 10 October 2013

Session 13 Chair: Stefan Klink Satellite, In Situ, and Radar DA (Link to webinar recording)
9:00 AM Lars-Peter Riishojgaard 13.1 - Invited Talk: On the Use of Sata Assimilation in the Assessment of the Cost/Benefit of Meterological Observations and Observing Systems abstract
9:30 AM Jing Cheng 13.2 - Assimilation of Attenuated Reflectivity Data from X-band Network Radars Using Ensemble Kalman Filter abstract
9:45 AM Marta Janiskova 13.3 - Experimental Assimilation of Spaceborne Cloud Radar and Lidar Observations at ECMWF abstract
10:00 AM Michael Rennie 13.4 - Preparations for Aeolus Doppler Wind Lidar data and the expected NWP Impact abstract
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Poster Session (D,E,F,G,I)
Session 14 Chair: Stefan Klink Satellite, In Situ, and Radar DA (Link to webinar recording)
11:15 AM Stefano Migliorini 14.1 - Efficient Exploitation of the Information Content of Cloud-Affected IASI Radiances using an Ensemble of Data Assimilations abstract
11:30 AM Peter Weston 14.2 - Accounting for Correlated Observation Errors in the Assimilation of High Resolution Sounders abstract
11:45 AM Sara Zhang 14.3 - Precipitation-related radiance bias correction and how GPM can help abstract
12:00 PM Kristi Salonen 14.4 - AMVs: how to make better use of them in NWP? abstract
12:15 PM Peter Lean 14.5 - Using Simulated Atmospheric Motion Vector Wind Retrievals from NWP Radiances to Characterize Height Assignment Errors abstract
12:30 PM Lunch Break
Session 15 Chair: Andrew Collard Combined: Atmospheric, Satellite, In Situ, and Radar DA (Link to webinar recording)
1:30 PM Jim Purser 15.1 - Improving the Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Observations in the Lower Troposphere abstract
1:45 PM Vincent Guidard 15.2 - The Concordiasi Campaign over Antarctica: Inter-model Monitoring and Impact on the Assimilation abstract
2:00 PM Fuqing Zhang 15.3 - Reconnaissance Data Impact on Hurricane Intensity Prediction with the real-time WRF-EnKF System abstract
2:15 PM Eric Wattrelot 15.4 - Optimization of the operational assimilation of radar data at convective scale in AROME France and international cooperations abstract
2:30 PM Carlos Geijo 15.5 - Assimilation of Radar Data in a Convection Permitting Operational NWP System Using the Field Alignment Technique abstract
2:45 PM Break
Session 16 Chair: Andrew Collard Combined (Link to webinar recording)
3:15 PM Glen Romine 16.1 - Improving Convective Forecast Skill via Ensemble Data Assimilation with WRF-DART abstract
3:30 PM Xuguang Wang 16.2 - A Comparison of GSI-based EnKF and 3DVar for Multi-scale Data Assimilation and Prediction of the Genesis of an MCS over the Continental US abstract
3:45 PM Tadashi Fujita 16.3 - Development of the Operational Data Assimilation System for Rapid and Frequent Updates of Forecast with the Convection-Permitting Model at JMA abstract
4:00 PM Razvan Stefanescu 16.4 - Variational data assimilation of lightning with WRFDA system using nonlinear observation operators
4:15 PM Jonathon Poterjoy 16.5 - Inter-comparison and Coupling of Ensemble and Variational Data Assimilation Approaches for Regional-Scale Modeling
4:30 PM End