Friday, 11 October 2013

Session 17 Chair: Mark Buehner DA Diagnostics (Link to webinar recording)
9:00 AM Ron Errico 17.1 - Invited Talk: Development, Validation, and Applications of OSSEs at NASA.s Global Modeling and Assimilation Office abstract
9:30 AM Carla Cardinali 17.2 - Impact on the Use of Different Error Objective Function on the Forecast Sensitivity to Observation Diagnostic Tool abstract
9:45 AM Dacian Daescu 17.3 - Adjoint Estimation of the Forecast Impact of Observation Error Correlations Derived from A Posteriori Covariance Diagnosis abstract
10:00 AM Coffee Break
Session 18 Chair: Mark Buehner DA Diagnostics (Link to webinar recording)
10:30 AM Andrew Lorenc 18.1 - Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation Methods . Modelling and Diagnosis of Localized Covariances abstract
10:45 AM Yann Michel 18.2 - A posteriori diagnostics in an ensemble of variational assimilations abstract
11:00 AM Eugenia Kalnay 18.3 - Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations: Applications for Proactive Quality Control abstract
11:15 AM Rahul Majahan 18.4 - Observation Impact on Forecasts for lead-times beyond 24 hours abstract
11:30 AM Theme Chairs Summary of key issues from each theme (Link to webinar recording)
12:30 PM Symposium End